ROSENWERTH PHYSIOTHERAPY offers a range of therapeutic treatments which can be tailored and paired according to your needs. Whether you are a full-time athlete, need assistance with repetitive strain/ work related injuries, are struggling with your posture, or general mobility, Tomasz is able to offer you an appropriate physical therapeutic plan. Below are the treatments available.


Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Myofascial release


Spinal Rehabilitation


Ergonomics Adjustment

Neural Mobilisation

Injury Prevention & Diagnosis

Dry Needling

Joint Mobilisation

Postural Assessment




I have had a few sessions with Tomasz and his approach and intuition with the injury have lead to an investigation which showed the true nature of what was being dealt with so that a rehabilitation plan could be created and the pain managed for the short term. He’s got great bedside manner and very approachable. Very impressed, highly recommended.


Tom is excellent and a pleasure to work with. He is patient, listens and explains things in depth and really well. Magic hands!


I went to Tom during the lead up to a jiu jitsu competition. My body was not in a good state, with shoulder and hip flexors in debilitating pain. He did dry needling on the targeted areas and within two days I truly felt my hip flexors release. He was extremely caring and informative, and it gave me a sense of great comfort. Having more knowledge about how to manage my body in the lead up to the competition was invaluable.


Rosenwerth Physiotherapy has excellent service! Tom knows how to explain things very well and really ensures that the patient is always aware of what is happening and tags them along on the rehab journey!


Tomasz was great and helped me understand my injury, with a sports massage and stretches/exercises for rehab and warming up/cooling down.


Very with it, with a great focus on rehabilitation. This guy won’t mess you around! Also, great bedside manner!


Tom is undoubtedly THE best physiotherapist I have ever been to. 4 sessions in and there is already a noticeable improvement to a very frustrating “frozen” shoulder. It almost seems an insult to give 5 stars as he clearly deserves 10!


I have had three sessions with Tom so far for an ankle injury. In this short time, I have made maximum progress thanks to Tom. He is passionate, thorough in his explanations and happy to address questions. His treatment is very individualized and takes into account your physical requirements to fulfil obligations and achieve goals. He is also friendly, supportive, caring and approachable. I highly recommend Tom!


I would highly recommend Rosenwerth Physiotherapy. I was treated gently, I’m a Senior Citizen, every step of the way was explained in detail, & results are good. Very professional.


Had two sessions with Tom so far to sort out a troublesome lower back issue. Tom explains things clearly and is super competent at addressing your physical issues and also your behavioural habits to help you further. Highly recommended.


I was in dire need of help after I had frozen my shoulder while on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Tom was recommended to me and after 2 sessions he had sorted me out and got me in state where I could fly back to Portugal. Thank you Tom.

Physical practice Address:

55 Scott Road, Observatory, 7925, The Sports Rehab Centre